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Guybson Sá

Guybson Sá

4th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

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spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
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guybson sa

Head Professor

Guybson Sá

Guybson Sá, a highly respected Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, began training at age 4. Under the guidance of his father and older brother, he quickly rose through the ranks, earning consecutive state titles. In 2009, he was awarded his black belt, and in 2023 he achieved the rank of fourth-degree black belt. Today, as the head professor leading Spartan Academy, Professor Guybson Sá inspires students to exceed their limits, unlocking their potential on and off the mats. With technical expertise and unwavering dedication, he fosters discipline, respect, and personal growth, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those he teaches.


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"Awesome facility and a great professor in Guybson SA. If you are in Columbia this is the best place for BJJ or MMA training!."

spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
Jacob McClintock

"Top notch BJJ school. Over the years I've moved around and trained at several places. Spartan Academy is the best by far."

spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
Vini Clark

"One of the most Exceptional facility's I've been too. Mat space is one of the nicest things and too add a great professor. Any time I'm in Columbia area this will be a gym I'll stop by."

spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
Wes Allan

"I'm a purple belt from out of town working. The Spartan team treated me like family. On top of good atmosphere it has great coaching and fun rolls. The instructor gets in there and mixes it up also and let's u work not just killing people. I will be back again for sure!."

spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
Daniel Greer

"I was in Columbia on a business trip and Guybson allowed me to attend a class free of charge. He and his wife were very welcoming and professional. The first thing that impressed me about this gym was the cleanliness. I was also impressed with the technique drilling and structure of the class. If you want an elite level of Jiu Jitsu and MMA instruction highly recommend this gym."

spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
Leonard Greenwood

"World class instruction with a man who's very name embodies the true spirit on BJJ...Oss!."

spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
Marc Gervais

"If your in South Carolina you gotta check this place out!."

spartan academy, jiu jitsu columbia sc
David Marks
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